President’s Report – Jun/July 2013

13.05.21-Keith.LyallPrepared by Keith Lyall

Well, I think that was the sound of collective relief.  BC politics is a funny monster; I find myself voting to stop a person or party from getting into office and not the party I actually want to see run this province. I will admit with all the efforts put into the Special Committee on Pesticides, I am glad to see this government will get four more years. However, the battle will continue.  Our opposition groups are not going to stop lobbying government and the public and nor should we.

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President’s Report – Sept/Oct 2013

13.05.21-Keith.LyallPrepared by Keith Lyall

May  2012, the Special Committee for Cosmetic Pesticides released its report including 17 recommendations, the 16th of which was directed at golf but a few more are directed at applicators and may have an effect on how we purchase and apply plant health products. One important note mentions that the public believes there is a weakness in applicator training;  MOE and Industry agreed that education and training could be improved.

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President’s Report – Jan/Feb 2014

14.01.09-Lyall.smallPrepared by Keith Lyall

I trust that everyone had a good holiday season and is looking forward to the New Year. First off, I would like to follow up with my last report and the meeting between your Environmental Advocacy Committee and the Ministry of Environment.  This Committee consists of Tab Buckner and myself representing the WCTA, Dean Piller and Stephen Kerbrat (BCGSA), Trevor Smith (AGA-BC) and Doug Ferne (NGCOA).

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President's Report for 2013 Annual General Meeting by Tab Buckner

As my term of President comes to an end, this year  has been a very difficult one for our association.  Major challenges we were and are still dealing with include attracting new members, adding value to WCTA membership, putting on a worthwhile and financially viable trade show, strengthening allied partnerships and exploring new avenues of revenue generation just to name a few.

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