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Release…June 12, 2023
60th Anniversary WCTA Conference & Trade Show Heading to the Island

After polling members for input, reviewing all options and considering production and travel logistics, the Western Canada Turfgrass Association Board of Directors is very pleased to announce our 60th Anniversary Conference and Trade Show will be held February 14-16, 2024 at the renowned Victoria Conference Centre and Fairmont Empress Hotel.

Located in the heart of the Inner Harbour, the Victoria Conference Centre and Fairmont Empress Hotel come together as a one-of-kind, impressive venue with a long history of successful WCTA conferences.  The Inner Harbour is an iconic part of Victoria’s landscape, a hub of activity for tourism, commerce, and recreation and alive with activity including cruise ships, sea planes, ferries, water taxis, commercial tugboats and barges, fishing vessels, wildlife tour boats, and all sorts of non-motorized recreational crafts.

“By conference time, it will have been 9 years since we were in Victoria, a factor that played heavily into our decision to head back to the Island,” explained WCTA President, Stu Carmichael.  He added, “There are advantages to keeping the show in one place but by moving locations, we can better serve our local members and of course Victoria is a great change of scenery!”

WCTA Executive Director, Jerry Rousseau agrees, “There are only a handful of venues that can handle an event this size, especially if we want to keep things under one roof, but it doesn’t get much better than Victoria in every regard including the beautiful marine surroundings, an amazing venue, great restaurants with fantastic service and so many historic sights.” 

In related news, the 61st Annual WCTA Conference and Trade Show will take place February 11-13, 2025 at the River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond, BC.  

“Recognizing our economic impact, the City of Richmond really wants us back and has come to the table with significant funding to assist with production costs,” said Rousseau.  “With four highly successful shows at the RiverRock from 2018 through 2023, it’s a very good decision and if you’re starting to see a pattern here, you’re not imagining things.”  

Event and accommodation contracts are in the works for both events, along with myriad production details.  A program outline for 2024 is expected by end July, full details for 2025 will be announced at the Victoria show and our 2026 venue selection process is already underway.

About the WCTA
Catering to the professional golf and sportsturf management industry, the WCTA is a ~750 member, inter-provincial, not-for-profit industry organization whose purpose is to promote the transfer of scientific and practical knowledge through education, discussion, research and to undertake advocacy relating to the care and management of turfgrass.  

The WCTA is proud to serve and support an inclusive range of professional turf management interests such as golf courses, school boards, municipalities, sod farms, nurseries, landscapers, lawn bowling greens, mechanics, horticulturists and industry suppliers.  

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