Olds College Campus News Fall 2015


By Jason Pick

It has been a wonderful and productive year for Golf Course Management in Alberta, and for Olds College.   As we come to a predictable end of an exceptionally long growing season (which began in mid-March) that followed a very mild winter, many courses are finishing up their winterization programs with smiles on their faces and money in the bank.

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Inaugural PTRC TURF Day

13.05.27-PTRC.logoThe inaugural Turf Under Research Field Day, ‘TURF Day’, took place at Olds College’s Prairie Turfgrass Research Centre on August 27th.  Lead researcher Katie Dodson, along with Laura Chaves, Jim Ross, Cory Mossing and the rest of the research team, hosted about 75 participants from a wide cross-section of the industry for a full day of research plot tours, displays, educational seminars and a free lunch!

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