Message from the WCTA President - May/June 2021

by Gary Bartley, UBC Athletics  

With the changes to the PHO orders, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  It has been a long and challenging 14 to 16 months.  We have all been impacted by COVID, some far more than others.

Even with all the challenges that the WCTA and its members have faced, the membership numbers have been strong.  We have seen some members leave, but we have seen more come back or join for the first time.  I want to thank the membership that has seen the value of the WCTA (and other associations) and made the commitment to maintain their membership.  It is a great indication of the dedication and commitment we have for the industry.  I also want to thank industry suppliers for continuing to support the WCTA.  It has been just as tough for the companies, both big and small, to adjust and modify how they do business.  

With the appearance that we will have the ability to get together in larger numbers this fall and winter, your Board and staff are putting together a long-range plan for Field Days, Education (both in person and virtual) and the return of the WCTA Conference.  There are still a lot of moving parts and we need to be planning for a number of scenarios.  

With this long-range planning, the Board will be looking for member feedback and ideas as to how they could see the next 6 to 12 months take shape.  We have decided not to do an online survey to gain feedback, instead, the Board will be calling members to solicit their ideas and thoughts on what moving forward will look like.  Your input is vital to continue growing the Association. 

Some of the ideas that we are looking at are:

Continuation of the WOW online education sessions – looking to provide both CEC and other sessions every couple of months.  A tentative schedule is planned to be announced in the May/June Turf Line News.  

Field Days – what will these look like and how soon can we get them together still remains to be seen.  A willing host venue is essential for us to start planning.

Annual Conference – Location and how this will look are still in the early planning, but it looks very promising that we can get together at the standard date in February.  

Hosting a Pesticide Applicator’s course – We are looking at the viability of having this course done online to allow anyone with computer access to participate.  We’re also looking at potential timing so that we can have the exam written onsite at the conference while allowing others who just want to challenge the course, write the exam only.  

Any other ideas are always welcome so please take a few minutes to discuss what and how you would like to see the WCTA move forward.  

If you have thoughts, ideas or even concerns, please feel free to reach out to any of the Board Members or Jerry.  We want your feedback, but we would also just like to talk to our members.  

Thank you for your support and please keep up the good work and help get us back to “Normal”.