2024 WCTA AGM - Director Candidate Slate

Directorship is a very important role, open to any WCTA member in good standing, and takes some volunteer time and effort in giving back to the association and our industry. 

Directors, elected at the Annual General Meeting by WCTA members present, impact the future direction of our industry and while doing so, learn a lot that assists in their own professional development.

The Board is made-up of 9 individuals, composition of which includes:
  - President (2 year term elected in odd years)
  - Vice President (2 year term elected in odd years)
  - Past President (non-elected position)
  - 2 year Directors-at-large X 6 (4 elected in even years, 2 elected in odd years)

One of the Directors-at-large is appointed by the Board as Finance Director and becomes part of the Executive team.  The 2024/2025 Candidate Slate is as follows:

  - Andre Dionne, City of Richmond (current Director)
  - Nik Wall, Premier Pacific Seeds (current Director)
  - Nick Barbour, District of North Vancouver
  - Dan Fast, Vermeer Equipment
  - Everett Nieuwkoop, BrettYoung
  - Nathan Hagel, Kamloops Golf & Country Club

With more candidates than open positions, there will be an election at this years AGM.  Have a look at our nominees below and make sure you attend and vote in Victoria on February 15.

Andre Dionne
City of Richmond (current Director)

Andre Dionne has have been involved in the turf industry since 1990.  He started working as a teenager in landscape, followed by pursuing work in the golf industry as a golf course grounds man and later, lead horticulturist.  

Andre transitioned into irrigation as a technician in the municipal sector where he worked with The District of North Vancouver, The City of Coquitlam and with the UBC Athletics department.  His role in each position was to oversee the maintenance and playability of several parks and sport fields. His focus was on providing the best quality sportsfields for the public and user groups to enjoy.

Scholastically, Andre graduated from the Turfgrass Management program and the Horticulture program at KPU and recently graduated the business leadership program at BCIT.  He recently was accepted to the Plant Sciences Depart at The Ohio State University where he is continuing his studies.  His volunteer efforts include serving as WCTA Director since 2017, with one year as Finance Director and service on the Sports Turf Canada Board for the past five years.  

Andre is currently the Sports Turf Technician at the City of Richmond and commented that his involvement with the WCTA and STC Boards have been fantastic learning opportunities that he has thoroughly enjoyed and hopes to continue serving the membership for another term.

Nikolas Wall
Premier Pacific Seeds - DLF Canada (current Director)

Nikolas Wall has deep ties to turfgrass, spanning his athletic pursuits, organizational endeavors such as field days and educational trips to Oregon.  Since 2013, he's been the technical sales representative at Premier Pacific Seeds, specializing in crafting tailor-made grass seed blends for a diverse clientele including cities, municipalities, agriculture, landscaping, mining, and hydro-seed contractors.

His involvement extends beyond WCTA; he's a two-time WCTA Board member, most recently in 2023 and previously served on the PFCA Board.  Nik actively engages with current and potential WCTA members, leveraging his industry experience to introduce turf managers to the association.

Following his stint at a local golf course in 2005, Nik concurrently established a landscaping company while pursuing university studies.  During this period, he refined his seed identification, blending, and operational skills at Premier Pacific Seeds.  Expanding his enterprise after earning a Business Administration degree at UFV, he added hydro-seeding and strata maintenance services before eventually selling the business.

His commitment to expertise led him to specialized grass seed training at DLF Seeds in Oregon and on-the-job training at Premier Pacific Seeds, earning him the CFIA GD Seed Grader Certificate and Operator status.  Nik engaged extensively with BC's turf managers, orchestrating educational endeavors like tours to Oregon, renowned as North America's grass seed capital.

Nikolas aims to bolster the connection between the industry's supply sector and the WCTA Board, seeking to enhance this link further if elected.

Nick Barbour
District of North Vancouver

With 26+ years in the turfgrass industry, Nick Barbour has been a dedicated member of the Western Canada Turfgrass Association (WCTA) since 2000.  He spent 17 years at Beach Grove Golf Club in various roles including Foreman, Spray Tech, Health & Safety Representative and acting Assistant Superintendent.  

For the past 9 years, Nick has contributed his skills to the District of North Vancouver Parks Department where he served as Irrigation Assistant, Health & Safety Representative and now holds the position of Parks Sports Field & Passive Grass, Turf Foreman 2.  

A recent volunteer highlight, this past September Nick and the DNV Team hosted the resoundingly successful 2023 WCTA & Sports Turf Canada Field Day.  According to the WCTA Executive Director, this event was considered one of the best ever produced - one unique highlight and to everyone's amazement was the North Vancouver Search & Rescue helicopter landing on the field during the event.

Already thinking about ways to improve the association, just a few of Nick's ideas include facilitating connections between hosts and suppliers before WCTA conferences, helping arrange product demonstrations and providing a platform where Superintendents and Turf Managers can discuss challenges, share expertise and address various issues within the turfgrass industry.

Dan Fast
Vermeer Equipment

Dan Fast is a seasoned professional with over 12 years of expertise in the turf industry, specializing in the sales of turf-related equipment.  His passion for golf is a prominent aspect of his life and whenever time allows, he eagerly indulges in the sport.

As a father, Dan takes joy in nurturing his six-year-old son's dream of becoming a professional golfer.  This shared enthusiasm for golf has become a significant bonding element within the family.

In his professional capacity, Dan collaborates with school programs, municipalities and businesses of varying sizes to identify and implement effective solutions for their everyday challenges.  Working alongside his colleagues, Dan is dedicated to delivering innovative answers that enhance the efficiency and success of clients in the turf industry.  His commitment has solidified him as a trusted advisor and contributor to the growth of both businesses and the community's passion for turf-related activities.


Everett Nieuwkoop

Everett Nieuwkoop is a seasoned and highly motivated sales representative with an impressive 38-year career in the turf industry. Graduating from Niagara College with a degree in Horticulture in 1982, Everett's journey began at Grand Valley farm in Elmira, Ontario, where he sold CIL fertilizer. Over the years, he has held key roles at renowned companies such as Ontario Seed Company, McCracken Golf Supplies, and United Horticultural Supplies. In 2002, Everett, alongside his wife Joyce, ventured into entrepreneurship by establishing Masters Turf Supply Ltd, a successful business that was eventually acquired by BrettYoung in 2015.

With a strong background in turf management, Everett has brought his expertise to various roles, excelling as a sales representative and technical advisor.  Beyond his professional endeavors, Everett is a dedicated coach, having contributed over 33 years to coaching baseball, hockey, and basketball. A certified Advance 1 C.A.H.A coach, he emphasizes time management, communication, exceptional customer service, and problem-solving skills. 

Having relocated to the lower mainland from Ontario 4 years ago, Everett seeks to leverage his wealth of experience and passion for the industry to serve the members of the WCTA with pride and spirit. If elected, he looks forward to supporting and contributing to the success of the association.



Nathan Hagel
Kamloops Golf & Country Club

Nathan Hagel, a young and energetic Superintendent hailing from Kamloops, has recently assumed the pivotal role at Kamloops Golf and Country Club. Engaged in the turfgrass industry since 2016, Nathan's journey has been marked by a sincere dedication to the turfgrass industry.

A passionate advocate for the industry, Nathan focuses on drawing in the younger generation to the turfgrass sector.  His aspiration is not only to nurture the growth of the next wave of turf professionals but also to create an inclusive environment that welcomes fresh perspectives and ideas.

In his bid for election, Nathan pledges to carry forward the rich legacy of the WCTA.  He aims to contribute to the association's vitality by attracting new members and professionals, infusing it with innovative ideas and a diverse perspective.

Nathan Hagel stands poised to be a driving force in the ongoing success of the WCTA, embodying a fresh perspective, youthful energy, and an unwavering commitment to the future of the turfgrass industry.