WCTA Board Goes With ‘WOTS-UP’!

Release…December 18, 2020

‘WCTA Online Trade Show & Unprecedented Presentations’ (WOTS-UP!) virtual event  to take place Feb 10-11, 2021 via Zoom

Perhaps we’re getting a little carried away with acronyms, first the ‘WOW’ series, then our ‘WHOA’ online auction and now ‘WOTS-UP’ but hopefully everyone can appreciate a little much needed humour just now!

At any rate, even though our in-person conference has been cancelled, the WCTA Board is very excited to announce we’re producing a 2-day, online Zoom event taking place February 10 & 11, 2021 called ‘WOTS-UP!’

WOTS-UP! is built around and greatly expands upon the originally scheduled Feb 11 WOW series webinar and will include multiple ‘hardcore education’ speakers as President Travis Olson calls them, along with one, 30 minute feature product information session and up to six, 10 minute sponsored presentations each day along with ongoing turf management industry supplier/service provider breakout rooms available for participants to visit anytime throughout each morning.

“WOTS-UP! is going to be a lot like a live conference with a powerful education program but it will move a lot quicker and Zoom breakout rooms replace trade show booths,” explained WCTA Executive Director, Jerry Rousseau.  He added, “It will be an excellent opportunity for suppliers to ‘see’ potential clients who have chosen to come to their breakout room, much like they would choose to visit a booth during a live trade show.”

“Besides providing a hardcore education opportunity, the best part about WOTS-UP! is that it’s free for all WCTA members to attend,” stated WCTA President, Travis Olson, “while non-WCTA members are invited to participate for $267+gst, coincidentally, the same price as a 2021 membership!”

Registration will be opening early in the New Year. Here’s the tentative schedule.  We hope you will join us for WOTS-UP! on February 10 & 11!