WCTA Office Report May 2020

Daily association functions continue albeit with some disruption, for instance, our book-keeper Carla Hahn is working intermittently and only when absolutely needed.

This means some minor delays in creating and processing invoices although we’re typically not that busy in this department at this time of year. Other functions like job posts, e-newsletters and Turf Line News magazine production all continue on schedule.

Thanks to everyone who paid 2020 member dues in the last few weeks, it’s highly appreciated!  You may have noticed we’re not pushing overdue dues collection at the moment but we are hoping that any unpaid members will take care of dues as soon as they can to ensure our continued operation.  While government support for businesses and individuals has been put in place, considerations for the not-for-profit sector are still being looked at.

Our annual member directory is currently in production with most ancillary content ready to go.  If you have any contact information changes since last year, please let us know by noon of Friday, May 15.

We will continue updating our members and contacts as the COVID-19 story unfolds while supporting the needs of the western Canadian turf management industry.

Please let us know how we can help!