Al Feenstra Obituary

Penticton Western News
August 18, 2019

After a spirited and courageous battle against cancer, Al Feenstra passed away Sunday, August 18.

Born in Holland, Al’s family made their way west to Canada finally settling in the Okanagan.  An avid soccer player and golfer, he attended Washington State University to pursue a career in the golf industry becoming superintendent of several golf courses throughout the [Okanagan] valley.  His winters were spent abroad in Asia and Mexico.

Brother Al was always quick to laugh and enjoyed time with family and his many friends at “Baxters”.  One of his favourite lines was “I’ll decide” and he did.  He leaves to keep his memory his brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews. That is all she wrote, for “Uppie Cuppie Cusy Brot”. 

Feel free to join us in raising a toast to Al at Baxters Bar and Grill on Sunday, September 29th starting at 1:00 pm. 1745 Spall Rd. Kelowna.