Advocacy Does Work!

12.02.01.Pesticide Debate200By Trevor Smith

Over the past 3 years there has been a tremendous amount of work accomplished on the Pesticide issue by AGA-BC and its member representatives.  The WCTA and its Executive Director shouldered much of the initial work but it became very apparent that this issue was going to need the full participation of all the member organizations involved in the business of golf to truly have an impact.

When the Special Committee on Cosmetic Pesticides met, we had representation. When questions were asked, we were there to provide answers.  When the Special Committee concluded and we were asked to forward our recommendations we responded instantly.

Consequently, the proposed regulatory changes to the IPM Act that were circulated Oct. 9th reflected a number of our committee’s recommendations put forward.

Further to these changes coming out, the Environmental Advocacy committee had arranged (in advance), a meeting with the Minister of Environment Mary Polak, (Oct. 10th) to discuss our recommendations previously put forward.

This meeting took place 1 day after the proposed changes were circulated and was very timely. The proposed changes from the ministry came with an ‘ask’ to all involved in this issue, (to provide review and input).

At that meeting we were able to review the proposed changes with the Minister and her staff, engage in active discussion and agree to be forthcoming with further recommendations.  One of those recommendations was to create a separate category for golf courses.

The Environmental Advocacy Committee will meet again to discuss the results from the meeting and work toward forwarding the ministry our recommendations for discussion.

The Representatives of the Environmental Advocacy committee all felt that the meeting was very positive and look forward to a very healthy relationship going forward.  The work that has been accomplished is admirable and the end results show.

Advocacy works if we work together!!


Trevor Smith
President, AGA-BC