Images & Video of Hope Golf Course Flood Damage

On November 23rd, we posted a link to some images and video taken of the Hope Golf Club by Jerry Rousseau just after the first major flood event.

Water continued to pour through the golf course for several weeks.  Now, with the river subsided, a handful of members are taking on the challenge of cleaning up and rebuilding their little gem of a course with donated labour and equipment.

They have a lot of work in front of them and the course may never be quite the same.  Another site visit on December 14 provided an opportunity for more images revealing the full extent of the damage.  Here's an open link to all the images and video (credit Jerry Rousseau): 

Here's a few of the newer images:


Bank erosion where the Coquihalla River breached the 8th hole

8th fairway is now a river bed


 8th fairway from the tee.  Sorry, no before photos handy but the orange line approximates the former river bank 


 Above and below - massive cut out of #7 fairway, about 10-12' deep at the far end



 Looking at the 4th green, standing in what once was the 25' deep irrigation pond now completely filled in with sand and rock. Pumphouse and contents nowhere to be found.


 The D6 carved this trail through the sand (almost) back to original grade.  That's a lot of topdressing!

 Panorama of the new infill behind #1 green

The highmark is a little hard to see so we added the orange line to indicate how much sand was deposited.

 There are lots more images and video at the following link: 

 We wish everyone who experienced flood damage all the best on their recovery!