Turf Chemical Quick Reference Guide

Good friend of the professional sportsturf and golf management industry in western Canada, John Reid of John Reid & Associates and Terralink Horticulture, recently put together a valuable turf chemical quick reference guide in the form of an EXCEL spreadsheet.  Definitely a few late nights, right John?



Previously circulated by the BC Golf Superintendents Association, the one page document is an excellent easy-reference for all turf managers and is current as of May 2021.  While you may have already seen it, we have now scoured PMRA updates on pesticide new uses and discontinuations relevant to turf going back to December 2020 and include this for your reference, excerpts as follows, check the PMRA website for full documents:

Re-evaluation decisions:

RVD2020-13: Dec 3, 2020 – Thiophanate-methyl re-evaluation decision (Renovo)
Under the authority of the Pest Control Products Act, Health Canada has determined that continued registration of products containing thiophanate-methyl is acceptable, when used according to revised conditions of registration.

Health Canada has completed the re-evaluation of thiophanate-methyl. Taking into consideration the comments and new data/information provided during the consultation of PRVD2019-07, the occupational and residential health assessments were revised. Risks were not shown to be acceptable for some uses, even when additional mitigation measures were considered, thus these uses are cancelled; they are listed in the risk mitigation measures section below. Risks were shown to be acceptable when mitigations measures were considered for the following crops:
•  Golf course and sod farm turf (liquid/WSP formulations only)

Cancellation of the following uses:
•  All residential turf uses (all formulations)
•  Golf courses and sod farms (wettable powder formulation)

RVD2021-05: May 19, 2021 – Imidacloprid re-evaluation decision (Merit, Quali-Pro Imidacloprid)
Imidacloprid is a broad spectrum neonicotinoid insecticide. It is used to manage insects on a large number of agricultural crops, ornamental plants, trees, turf, indoor and outdoor structural sites, and as spot-on application to pets. Imidacloprid products are applied using ground, aerial and seed treatment equipment, tree injection applicators, granular spreaders, pressurized spray cans, brush or paint rollers, spot-on applicators to pets, and as a bait and in bait stations.

An evaluation of the human health risks associated with imidacloprid has concluded that all uses are acceptable for continued registration with revised label instructions. Some occupational scenarios require revised label directions. Also, some spot-on pet product labels must be brought to current standards.

Extensive comments and data related to the aquatic invertebrate risk assessment were received.  New information included additional toxicity studies and water monitoring data from across Canada. There has been no change to the environmental risk conclusions for turf and lawn uses, and these uses are cancelled. Updates to the assessment of agricultural uses resulted in changes to some of the previous conclusions. Certain uses were not shown to be acceptable and are cancelled.

New registrations:

Discontinuations (Products discontinued by the registrants.  Note that some uses for certain products are already not permitted)
SARRITOR Granular Biological Herbicide
Glutenate corn gluten meal
Dursban Water Soluble Insecticide
TurfShield Plus WP Biological Fungicide