Another Successful School Year Closes for Kwantlen Turfgrass Students

12.01.19-Kwatlen-Hort200Turf students built a soccer field for our fall ‘Yard Reno Makeover’, core-topdressed Langley Lawn Bowl, repaired Langley’s Barbour Field bullpen and renovated Langley’s Michaud Heritage House lawn.  Their fundraising efforts allowed for student attendance at the Victoria WCTA Conference, where their activities generated over $2,000 for turfgrass research. Kwantlen Turf Club capped the year with a recent $500 donation to turfgrass research.

Sincere thanks go out to all turf industry who have supported us with event prize donations, event attendance, tee sponsorship and field trip hosting.  These students will always remember you as they move up in their careers.

All students are back to work at their summer jobs, where they are also working on their summer ‘HORT 2300 Internship’ projects.  Graduate Jesse Cowan’s 2011 project ‘Gallaghers Canyon Greens Resodding’ was presented at last years conference.

Some very interesting projects are expected from this summer.  Mike Hollaar at Hazelmere is doing Civitas trials.  Steve Broccolo is composing a primer for Sprayer Operation at Northview.  Andy Messner will report on ‘Tournament Preparation’ from his experience with the LPGA Canadian Open this summer at Vancouver Golf Club.

12.05.23-Grant.SteinbergI’ve never been much of a morning person, except when it comes to golf. I love everything about the golf course atmosphere, have worked in almost every capacity but had never imagined a career in turf; until I had an inspiring talk with Uplands Golf Club superintendent Brian Youell which changed the path of me and my family. Now here I am. This past April I completed my first year in the turf management program at Kwantlen, am the acting turf president, currently work as the intern for at Capilano Golf Club and perhaps most exciting… I can wait to get up in the morning. Thanks to everyone for the support. – Grant Steinberg

Grant Steinberg - KPU 2012 Turf Club co-president