What is the Kwantlen Turf Club?

15.10.16-KPU.Turf.Mgmt.graphicby Josh Carlsen, KPU Turf student  

What is the Kwantlen Turf Club?  It is a volunteer based, non-profit group of Turf students. Objectives are social, industry connection and fundraising for student attendance to the WCTA Conference. 

It is important for us to attend the conference to learn, network, volunteer services and explore future options. Upon graduation, students embrace the industry and continue to be member of the WCTA. In some cases students are offered internships and jobs at the conference which motivates us to be more involved with the turf club.

On October 17th, the Turf Club hosted our annual fall golf tournament at Redwoods Golf Course.  It turned out to be a great event and the weather was fantastic.  I'd like to give a special thanks to Peter Szarka, Superintendent, Cam Watt, Assistant Superintendent and the whole grounds crew for an amazing job grooming the course and getting it into a great playable surface for the tournament.  Thank you also to Megan Grant, Event Coordinator and the Redwoods team for a job well done.  The food was delicious and the venue looked great! So another thank you goes out to Tim LaHay, Restaurant Manager, Shane Driediger, Executive Chef, as well as the kitchen and serving staff. They delivered a delightful dish and kept the drinks flowing throughout the evening, well done!

15.10.27-WesterraL-R: Sponsors Dan Charlton & Dan Fast. Grads Steve Haggard, Spencer Grundy

15.10.27-TabL-R: Ron Marchuk, Tab Buckner, Turf students Ksenia Thurston, Carolyn Reitzel

15.10.27-NVL-R: Jack Poitras, KPU Grads Kelsey Stewart, Glen Atamanik, Steve Broccolo

15.10.27-BCGSAJason Hooper presented BCGSA student membership prizes to Josh Carlsen (pictured here) and Brett Opikokew

If there were no players and no sponsors, there would be no tournament, so thank you to all of you who came out and supported the turf club at this event.  A big thank you to the players who also sponsored a tee box or two:

Tee Sponsors  

1. Bos Sod – Bert Bos
2. Brett Young – Duane Sharpe
3. British Columbia Golf Superintendents Association
4. Corix Water Products – Kevin Neufeld
5. Evergro – Spencer Grundy
6. Farm Tek – Ken Reid
7. Haney Projects Ltd./LiveWorkMapleRidge.com – Philip Cooper
8. Keso Turf Supplies – Scott Kraemer
9. Plant Health Division – Casey O’Connor
10.  Plastic Pipe Products – Jim Hearn
11.  Prairie Coast Equipment – Carly Clark
12.  Shaughnessy Golf & Country Club – Andrew Hart
13.  Target Products Ltd. – Scott Mitchell
14.  Taylor’s Turf Care Products – John & Christine Taylor
15.  Terralink Horticulture – Gary Hunt
16.  Vermeer BC – Dan Fast
17.  Western Canada Turfgrass Association
18.  ZLC Financial – Mark Zlotnik    

      Last but not least, I want to thank the members of the turf club who all went over the top with effort in organizing the tournament.  From calling industry members for tee sponsors, players, friends and family, and outside industry reps, to making sure the tee signs were organized and put together to make the morning set-up run smoothly.  Brett Opikokew, Carolyn Reitzel, Randall Narcisse, Matt Mihal, Ben Zlotnik, and Matt Cooper, you all rocked it and I congratulate you on your efforts.

      Next, I'd like to give a reminder that the turf club raffle is coming up soon, so be on the lookout for that within the next couple months. I am expecting some amazing prize packages again this year.  Last year there were twelve winners!  Winners will be announced at the 53rd annual WCTA Conference, held next February in Whistler.  100% of raffle ticket sales will be donated to WCTA Turfgrass Research Fund. Please help support this beneficial cause.

Thank you for your support

Josh Carlsen
KPU Turf Club