Inaugural PTRC TURF Day

13.05.27-PTRC.logoThe inaugural Turf Under Research Field Day, ‘TURF Day’, took place at Olds College’s Prairie Turfgrass Research Centre on August 27th.  Lead researcher Katie Dodson, along with Laura Chaves, Jim Ross, Cory Mossing and the rest of the research team, hosted about 75 participants from a wide cross-section of the industry for a full day of research plot tours, displays, educational seminars and a free lunch!

The research plots were constructed and established in 2012 and with the influx of funding by NSERC, they are now up and running with a wide variety of research trials underway.  The field day showcased some of these and included two continuing education seminars, all at no cost to the participants.

15.08.29-TURF.Day1Standing on one of the large turf reserach plots, a piper opens the inaugural TURF DAY.

15.08.29-TURF.Day2Laura Chaves explains the shade tolerance study.

15.08.29-TURF.Day3What are the most drought tolerant turf type grasses? The PTRC aims to find out with this drought tolerance study.

15.08.29-TURF.Day4Katie Dodson, right with microphone, along with the team of reserachers at PTRC, were great hosts to a large crowd of turf industry personnel.

About the PTRC
The Prairie Turfgrass Research Centre is a long standing joint partnership between Olds College/Olds College Centre for Innovation (OCCI) and the industry led Alberta Turfgrass Research Foundation (ATRF). The PTRC conducts research and disseminates information regarding the management of turfgrass on the Canadian prairies.