News From The OC Turf Club

12.03.15-OldsSnowDrivingEvents Like The Winter Classic Long Drive Challenge (First Held Last Year) Are Helping To Increase The Ranks Of The OC Turf ClubSubmitted By Franz Unterberger - The 2011-2012 school year has been a busy one for the OC Turf Club, there were high expectations for success and failure was not an option. 
 From the previous year we have seen participation go from 12 to 30 active members. With the bar set high our main goal for the season was to raise enough money to pay for everyone’s CGSA membership. A big goal for the club, with talks of thinking that it would take all year to raise that kind of money. That wasn’t the case, December rolled around and we had met the financial goal much earlier then anticipated. As you all know our shoulder seasons do not cater enough time to host big outdoor events, so we had limited fundraising options. 
That being said we have done various bottle drives, volunteering at college events and conference fundraisers.  October came with the club hosting our annual Halloween Howler being one of the biggest fundraisers and most successful parties the college has seen in 10 years.  At the AGSA conference in November we tackled the superbowl squares game partnering up with Oak Creek as our sponsor. A big thanks to Mike Bentley from Oak Creek for the opportunity to let the students take over organizing the event. From an industry standpoint this was a win win situation, it was a really good gathering to get all the students meeting with superintendents and industry professionals from around the province and from what I hear a few students landed interviews from that evening. Our first annual dodgeball tournament was a huge success with the college and will be hosting the event monthly next year.
The club would like to thank Kathryn Wood and the CGSA executives for the opportunity to help out with the recent show in Calgary; it was a great experience for the students. Three club members were CGSA scholarship recipients, Jordan Joye, Reuben Kopp and David Smith, congratulations to you all. Looking onward to the New Year we are planning a golf tournament to run this coming September for alumni. 
From a students perspective the importance of joining clubs in your respective industries is very important in my eyes. All your colleagues within the club and the contacts you make are of insurmountable importance to furthering your career in the industry. The clubs success can’t come without thanking the members that have volunteered up to this point; the club wouldn’t be where it is if it wasn’t for you, you all know whom you are. We have created a legacy at Olds College and are en route for club of the year; it can only get bigger and better as we move forward into the future.