Olds College Campus News October 2014 - New Turf Program Begins!


By Jason Pick

The biggest news this fall, has been the transition of the last diploma students from our old semester program, into the first intake of new program students.   As you may have heard, turfgrass programming has changed at Olds College recently, where traditional semesters have been replaced by single topic three week “block” classes. 

With added flexibility, we now receive students on campus from January to May, allowing them to finish the golf season at their respective clubs.   The wider range of professional development options now include four month residency, online courses, internships, field schools,  as well as a drop-ins for single course education in 3 week burst training.  Regardless which option works best for you, each will build towards your designation certificate, diploma, or degree in turf management.   The program has been designed around your busy schedule, providing more choices than ever before.

14.09.24-Jim.RossJim Ross, Executive Director of the Prairie Turfgrass Research CentreThis report we have much to celebrate, beginning with the congratulations to Jim Ross, our Executive Director of the Prairie Turfgrass Research Center, for his achievement in receipt of the John B. Steele Award by the Canadian Golf Course Superintendents Association.  Recognized by the CGSA for his lifelong contributions and commitment to the turfgrass industry, we are so proud to celebrate with Jim in this most prestigious of professional achievements.

Our second congratulation acknowledges Olds College diploma graduate Carmen Kozak, the first woman ever to receive TORO’s future superintendent award!   Carmen continues to excel at River Bend Golf Club, an inspiring young alumnus and ambassador for our industry.   We look forward to following Carmen’s continued success.        

  14.09.29-campus.news3Bob Novecovsky, left foreground, addresses turf students at the Sundre Golf Club. Image courtesy Jason Pick

This year, diploma students as part of their “Environmental Management for Golf Courses” class have adopted four golf courses of which to assist their pursuit of Audubon Certification.   Our special thanks go out to Bob Novecovsky and Chad Kossowan for hosting us on our first site visit to the Sundre Golf Club.  Upcoming field  trips this fall also include Muirfield lakes, Banff Springs, Canyon Meadows, and Red Tail Landing Golf Clubs;  proactively thanking Scott Reid, Bob Burrows, Ken MacKenzie, and Brad Eshpeter for their support as we help explore Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary goals. 

Despite a shocking September snowfall, our annual Fall Classic fundraising golf tournament at the Olds Highlands GC was another great success.   Although the tournaments original date was postponed due to approx. 6” of snow blanketing most of Alberta, the unseasonably cold temperatures quickly recovered to high twenties after the 5 day snow delay!     

14.09.24-OC.newsCourtesy, Calgary Sun. www.calgarysun.com

Have you ever been interested in teaching a course or a topic, but never had the time to commit to a 15 week school semester?   Gaining perspective from superintendents in the field remains an important component of the student experience at Olds College, and why we routinely employ guest lectures and site visits whenever possible.

To enhance this important component, we have embarked into an Instructional Mentorship program, designed for superintendents and course managers to enter the classroom to offer their perspective to greater depth.  With options of delivering a focused topic within the 3 week block, sharing your professional skills and experience has never been more accessible.  We hope you watch for more information regarding this exciting advancement at Olds College in the coming months.    

For more information about course options, enrollment, or the mentorship program, contact our enrollment advisor at: golf@oldscollege.ca  or visit the website at: http://www.oldscollege.ca/programs/horticulture/turfgrass/index