CEC Tracking Program Member Question of the Month

The Continuing Education Credit (CEU) tracking program is designed to promote ongoing education toward pesticide certificate renewal and is encouraged by the Ministry of Environment who would rather see applicators engaged in ongoing education to stay current than writing a test every 5 years.

Tthe tracking program itself sounds simple enough however things can get complicated quickly and there are many rules to follow.  In this new segment, we hope to address common CEC program questions we field from our members.

Q.  My pesticide applicator certificate expires in less than a year but I don't want to write the test.  Can I get on the tracking program now, start collecting points and maybe receive points for seminars I attended in the past?

A.  Sorry, with less than one year remaining on your 5 year certificate it would be impossible to collect 20 points (the amount needed to recertify) since the maximum you can collect is 10 per year.  To answer part 2 of your question, points cannot be awarded retroactively however if you: a) attended a points accredited seminar and b) signed the attendance sheet, we may be able to dig through the records if you're really nice to Leslie.  No guarantees this will be fruitful though, as often: a) education seminars you attended were not certified for points or b) you thought you signed the sheets but didn't (this happens quite a bit).

For futher information, contact Leslie at admin@wctaturf.com