2023 Pat Dooley Memorial Golf Tournament Best Yet!

By Jerry Rousseau

Admittedly subjective to say, the 6th Annual Pat Dooley Memorial Golf Tournament, held April 27, 2023 at the Hazelmere Golf & Tennis Club in Surrey, was the best one yet.

Of course it’s difficult to compare to the previous five events but you could not have asked for a better day.  Weather was perfect, the course was flawless, a full field of both turf industry personnel and Dooley family and friends participated and although final numbers aren’t yet tabulated, we’re pretty sure north of $15,000 was raised for turf management student awards and turf research!

That’s pretty good for one afternoon and hats off to Stan Kazymerchyk (seen above in all his glory😀) and Donna Metz for all the organizational efforts in advance and during the day.  Also, a heartfelt thank-you goes out to our tee sponsors, players, KPU turf management volunteers, Dooley family volunteers and the entire Hazelmere team for a first class experience. 

Before you click-off, here's a few more images and a very nice speech written by KPU student Mat Bursey that was going to be read by Fedja Muzur, another KPU turf student, but didn't because we ran out of time.

See you next April!

The good ole' ring toss never gets old for these old guys!

Looking good Steve Haggard from Northlands Golf Course!  We’re so glad you finally won big😁.


Our volunteers are having a great time too!

Besides a great meal and company, the banquet is a chance for the Dooley family to reflect on Pat and his wish to have someday been involved in the golf industry.

Fedja Muzur, KPU Turf Management student currently employed at Northlands Golf Course, wins back-to-back WCTA Student Awards. 

As a fellow KPU Turf student, WCTA member and lover of golf, it brings me great pleasure to stand here today and express my gratitude to the Dooley family, Hazelmere, Stan and all of you who made this event possible.

Thank you for providing us with this wonderful opportunity to come together and enjoy this beautiful game in the memory of Pat.

Your dedication and hard work have made this event possible and a huge success.  Eleven grand last year! We raised 11 g’s for turf research – but for us students, this means awards. Congratulations to those who have received this honour.

Being a part of the KPU community has taught me the value of collaboration and teamwork and I am thrilled to see this same spirit reflected in the way we have all come together to make this event another ‘hit’.

Stan, thank you and congratulations. Your next chapter awaits.

Fedja, congratulations on this year’s WCTA award.  You know?  Fedja works full-time, attended University, is married with 2 children – you’re a role model.

Doug, congratulations man – Doug got married last summer and they are expecting their first kid soon. You’re going to be such a good day – enjoy every moment.

Daniel, 2 semesters ago you became a first time father while navigating a new marriage and taking 11 courses over those 2 semesters. Like how dude?  You’re so mentally strong.

Stanley and Theo, who are not here, one is a new gather, other is on a career path that will take him to hopefully FIFA (I believe he can).

Guys, we not only conquered Turf school but grew into fathers, husbands, leaders and buddies – well-rounded men.

I am honoured to be graduating along-side such exemplary men.

So again, thank you Dooley family, Stan, WCTA, Hazelmere and fellow turfies for the memorable day.

Let’s continue to work together and create more opportunities to showcase the beauty of this game, the work we do as managers of turf, and for the memory of Pat.


Mat Bursey