Job Posts New Look - Join Now to Receive

Unique to the WCTA, our ‘Employment Networking Service’ is an unlimited, free service for members to post and receive job openings.  Dozens of turf management industry and related posts are directly emailed each year to our 700+ members as we receive them, with the busy season typically running from October through March. 

Job posts typically see the highest open rates of all WCTA correspondence, well above 50% on average (industry standard is about 5-10%) and with that, we have created a new advertising opportunity for turf management industry suppliers and service providers to help support the association by including advertising with job posts.

The new look started in late October and will include up to nine web ads with each post.  For further advertising information, contact Deb Westover at IG Design.  To circulate a job post, email to Leslie Carnell.

If you’re not a WCTA member, JOIN NOW To receive/send turf management industry job posts.