IEPMA 25th Annual Conference Jan 27-28, 2022

Integrated Environmental Plant Management Association Of Western Canada (I.E.P.M.A.)
25th Annual Conference
Thursday & Friday, January 27 - 28, 2022

An Educational & Informational Event Held via Zoom

• This 2-day event is an excellent place to interact with expert speakers and government regulators on a wide range of topics. Expanding your knowledge will enable you to choose best practices for the proper plant and pest management of turfgrass, ornamentals, and trees.

• The IEPMA believes it is important to keep as up to date as possible when maintaining commercial, municipal, public or private landscapes. Attending our annual conference is one of the best and most enjoyable ways to do so. This conference should not be missed!

We are not restricting attendance to this conference and would ask that you pass this on to others that may be interested in attending.  We are certain you will find much that interests you!

Keynote Speakers

Vivianne Servant holds a Bachelor of Science Degree and a Teaching Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education (both from the University of Alberta). She also holds both an Alberta Pesticide Applicator Certificate and an Alberta Applicator Trainer Certificate. She worked for Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) for 37 years and retired in 2019. While working with AEP, she worked as a landscape supervisor for 5 years, an inspector and then an investigator for 13 years and then was the AB Pesticide Certification Specialist for 20 years. She was also Co-chair of the National Federal, Provincial, Territorial for Pesticide and Pest Management (FPT) Standing Subcommittee on Pesticide Education, Training and Certification (PETC) that establishes pesticide education, training and certification standards in Canada for 30 years. Vivianne continues to develop both national and provincial training manuals by contract with pesticide regulatory agencies in Canada.

Bill Peregrine is an inspiration to anyone looking to further the understanding and relationship with Nature. With more than 30 years of horticultural experience, Bill has heard the growing desire for people to reconnect with Nature and has used his skills to give people and Nature what they need to thrive. His company, Earthdance Organics LLC (, does real environmental good by removing the need for chemicals and pesticides and restoring the health of properties the way Nature intended it to be. Bill is an ecoPRO, a “Certified Sustainable Landscape Professional” ( and teaches the program to his peers. He also sits on the Steering Committee for “Environmental Educators” within the Puyallup Watershed ( As an organic practitioner, Bill has spoken at numerous sustainable conferences in the US and Canada both publicly and to his peers.


▪ British Columbia Applicators
▪ Alberta Applicators
▪ International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) members Education Credits to be posted when confirmed

*Due to covid restrictions this is a virtual event held via Zoom, registration details below. Cost is $100 which includes both days. Zoom link will be provided after fees are received.

IEPMA of Western Canada 25th Annual Conference Schedule

Day 1, Thursday, January 27, 2022

8:30 ― Welcome to the 2022 Conference―Paul Visentin, IEPMA President, Cranbrook, BC
9:30― Vivianne Servant BIOMONITORING OF PESTICIDES IN CANADA This presentation reviews the findings of the Canadian Health Measures Surveys (2007-2017) that provide benchmark data (surveys, blood and urine tests) of the level of pesticides and some other chemicals found in Canadians across Canada as a result of environmental exposures. It will include a brief update of the Agricultural Health Study (1993-2013) that has been tracking health and pesticide exposure of 89,000 farmers and commercial applicators and their spouses in the U.S.A. 5 minute Breakout session for those wanting to ask questions
10:10 ― PMRA REGISTRATION UPDATES - Laura Feeney, Regional Pesticide Officer, Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA), Kelowna, BC.
10:40 ― Markus Clodius – Pest Management using Drone Technology
Global interest in aerial drones to apply pest control products is growing. Hear about technical and regulatory hurdles to be cleared for applicators to use this technology.  5 minute Breakout session for those wanting to ask questions
12:00 ― Lunch break
Why is it with all the resources at our disposal -- manpower, water, fertilizer, money, mowers, rototillers, etc -- we struggle to "maintain" our customers' properties and yet Nature does it beautifully without us lifting a finger? What principles does Nature employ to make it all look so simple and how can we turn those principles into practices and develop truly robust landscapes for our customers that are easy to maintain? From principle to practice, we will look at how Nature takes care of herself and what we can do to align our properties with the Earth's naturally occurring systems. The concept is easy --"The closer we replicate Nature's systems, the easier our work becomes" -- but in practice, it becomes a real challenge. Throw into the mix customers with their own aesthetic interests and demands for how they use their property and it is no wonder we find ourselves constantly battling the forces of Nature. But rest assured, we can find common ground to give your customer what they want while still supplying Nature what it needs. And in the end, we will have more enduring, resilient and beautiful landscapes.
5 minute Breakout session for those wanting to ask questions
2:00 end of Day 1
2:30 – IEPMA Annual General Meeting: Meet and Greet with the executive, all members are encouraged to become involved. Election of IEPMA Executive, General Discussions, Old and New Business.

Day 2, Friday, January 28, 2022

9:00― Ministry of Environment update – Michael Lapham, BSc., A.Ag. Integrated Pest Management Officer, Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy 2019 compliance audit of public agencies that included cities, municipalities, regional districts, and school districts. Many sections of the IPM Act and Regulations related to the landscape sector will be discussed in this presentation 5 minute Breakout session for those wanting to ask questions
The Department of Environment has monitored the occurrence of pesticides in surface water and drinking water for a number of years at many sites throughout Alberta 1995-2019. This presentation discusses the results of this monitoring and the implications this has on the quality of the water in the watersheds throughout Alberta. It also looks at both agricultural and urban impacts and the changes of these impacts over the years. 5 minute Breakout session for those wanting to ask questions
10:50― Aaron Foster Univar – update on products available and what’s on the horizon
Dr. Susanna Acheampong, Entomologist, BC Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, Kelowna, BC. Western yellowstriped armyworm outbreaks in the North Okanagan and an update on the brown Marmorated stink bug monitoring.
12:00― Lunch break
1:00― UPDATES FROM WORKSAFEBC - Steve Marino, - several changes have gone out for public consultation, Steve will discuss what some of those changes are.
1:30 ― Bill Pelegrine SOIL REPORTS: HOW TO READ, INTERPRET, AND ADJUST A CLIENT'S PROPERTY Soil is life. The crust of our planet can be miles thick but it is the last 12 inches that supports life on Earth. Not only does soil store and release nutrients for a plant's use but it also is the first line of defense in disease-free plants and the grounding point of any IPM strategies. Healthy soils equal healthy plants and need to be evaluated and balanced. In this session, we will be discussing the physical nature of soil (Soil Texture and Soil Structure) the life in the soil (the Soil Food Web) and how soil holds and exchanges nutrients with plants. We will look at soil sampling and learn how to interpret nutrient test results and how to make adjustments in the field. And we will discuss the role soil plays in suppressing diseases and keeping our plants healthy. At Earthdance Organics, we are so dedicated to healthy soil that we test the soil of every new customer. Over the years, we have analyzed thousands of soil samples and made adjustments to balance the nutrient loads and improve soil functioning. 5 minute Breakout session for those wanting to ask questions

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