WCTA Online Webinar Series 'WOW 2.0' - Episode #2 & #3 Rescheduled

September 1, 2021

Dear WCTA Members,

Unfortunately, we’ve had trouble securing our planned speakers for WOW Episode #2, scheduled for Thursday, September 23rd, and are rescheduling to a later date.

The new plan combines WOW Episode #2 and WOW Episode #3 into a single ‘Super-Wow’ webinar taking place on Thursday, November 4th.

Thanks to those who signed up for the Sep 23 episode and apologies for any inconvenience.  It turns out this timing may have not been so great in the first place!

Further details for our new ‘Super-WOW’ Episode will be released in the coming weeks along with a new registration link.

Thanks and have a great long-weekend!