Registration Open for ‘WOW’ Episode#2 Taking Place at 1:00pm on Dec 3

The new, WCTA online webinar series, or ‘WOW’ for short, launched October 29th with KayLee Hansen from KayH Consulting providing a no charge, high quality and well-received, hour-and-a-half session on managing stress.  Thanks Kaylee and to everyone who joined us, we’re all feeling much better!

Registration is now open for Episode #2, taking place Thursday, December 3rd at 1:00pm with Mario Lanthier from Crop Health Advising & Research delivering 2 hours of CEC/CEU accredited training (BC & AB).  Session outline is below – don’t miss this easy opportunity to earn 2 pesticide CEC’s from the comfort of your own space.

Fee is $25 for the full 2 hours, secure payment through Paypal.
Space is limited to the first 100 registrants, WCTA members receive priority.
Click on the following link to register for this webinar: 

Episode #2 - Thursday, December 3rd ($25)
1:00pm – 2:00pm 
‘Calibration for Pesticide Applications’

Two calibration steps are required to obtain the best results with sprayers.   The first step is to calibrate the equipment for the amount of spray volume (water) applied by area.  The second step is to calculate the amount of product required for the area covered by the sprayer.  This presentation will use labels for pesticides commonly used in turf and lawn maintenance.  Participants will practice calculations for proper calibration of different products.
BC: 1.0 Application Technology (approved)
AB: 1 Application Technology (approved)

2:00pm – 3:00pm
‘Management of Spray Drift

Drift is the movement of a spray to off-target locations.  It is an important cause of complaints from neighbours and the public.  Pesticide users should have a sound understanding of the conditions that cause spray drift and techniques they can use to reduce this problem.  The presentation will focus on also review typical symptoms of plant damage caused by herbicides common applied in landscapes.
BC: 1.0 Safety and Environment (approved)
AB: 1 Human Health and Pesticide Safety (approved)

Mario Lanthier, Crop Health Advising & Research 
Mario Lanthier has been a popular speaker at WCTA, CGSA, ISA and other conferences over the years, and taught the BC Pesticide Applicator Certificate course at the WCTA conference from 2003 through 2015.  He has been working in the horticulture industry since 1980 and his company, CropHealth Advising and Research, offers consulting services and pest management recommendations with or without pesticides.  


Here’s a preview of Episodes 3 through 5.  Registration for future WOW episodes will open soon.

Episode #3 - Thursday, January 14th, 2021
Tim Garner, Professional Development Solutions
1:00pm – 2:00pm
‘Balancing Spray Drift vs. Spray Coverage’
2:00pm – 3:00pm
‘Acute and Chronic Toxicity’

Episode #4 – Thursday, February 11th, 2021
Andreas Wins-Purdy & Rob Au, BC Environment Ministry
1:00pm – 2:00pm
IPM Act Compliance Report – Results of 2020 Golf Course Audit, Lessons Learned, and Preparing for an Inspection
2:00pm – 2:30pm
Current Focus on IPM from the Ministry’s Perspective – What’s Working and What Can Be Improved

Episode #5 – Thursday, March 11th, 2021
Speaker/subject TBA

Some notes:

Each episode is limited to first 100 attendees signed up – WCTA members will be prioritized over non-WCTA members
Speakers/schedule subject to change.
Many presentations will be certified for points (subject to approvals) but not all.  
All BC CECs are for both Landscape and Dispenser certificates, AB is for Landscape: 
     o 8 total BC CEC’s (anticipated)
     o 8 total AB CEU’s (anticipated)
Zoom is our online delivery platform with secure, integrated payment through Paypal:
     o   the first and fourth episodes are no charge, others are $25 per person for the full episode
times listed are Pacific