PDS Pesticide Recertification Webinars Fall 2014

12.02.11-Tim GarnerPD Solutions is an educational company that delivers live, on-line webinars and webcasts related to the professional use of pesticides.  All sessions are 1 hour long, accredited for 1.0 CEC point in BC under the indicated category and cost $60.00 + GST.

If you have access to the internet, you can take one of the seminars listed below.  All you need is audio to hear the speaker and your computer screen to see the presentation.

Once you register for your course, a link is e-mailed to you a day or two ahead giving you a specific time for the live session. Just before the webinar starts, you connect to the internet and through your browser and link to the site. You then type in your name and follow the steps to enter the seminar/meeting room. Simple and easy to do. As pesticide applicator, E.O. Knudslien from Lac LA Biche, AB, says "If a 75 year old man can sign up and take seminars live on the Internet, then anyone can."

How to Register:

Call Toll Free: 1-877-977-6774 to register for the course of your choice or fill out their secure form

Contact Professional Development Solutions
Professional Development Solutions - A Division of 678099 Alberta Ltd.
10600-106 Ave. Fairview, AB, Canada T0H1L0
Email: tgarner@pdsolutions.ca

Fall 2014 Web Cast Schedule

Week of November 17-19/14
November 17: 
10 am:  Acute and Chronic Toxicity- Safety & Environment
12 noon:  IPM Fundamentals - IPM
2 pm:  Reducing Your Environmental Impact Using IPM - Safety & Environment
6 pm:  Pest Control Products  Act - IPM

November 18: 
10 am:  Pesticide Application Records - Application Technology
12 noon:  Developing New Pesticides - IPM
2 pm:  Balancing Spray Drift vs. Spray Coverage - Application Technology
November 19: 
12 noon:  IPM for Vegetation - IPM
2 pm:  Fatigue Management - Safety& Environment
6 pm:  Pesticides and Water - Safety & Environment

Week of December 1-3/14
December 1: 
10 am:    Benefits of Pesticides - IPM 
12 noon:  Nozzle Types and Selection for Drift Control - Application Technology
2 pm:  Perception of Risk - Safety & Environment
6 pm:  IPM-Principles and Techniques - IPM
7 pm:  Rinsate Management - Application Technology

December 2: 
12 noon:  Changes to Pesticide Labels - Safety & Environment
2 pm:  Sprayer Calibration - Application Technology
6pm:  Applying IPM to Manage Canada Thistle, Scentless Chamomile and Toadflax - IPM
7 pm:  What to Wear?  Let’s Take Personal Protective Gear Seriously - Safety & Environment

December 3:  
10 am:  Soil Microorganisms-Your Underground Assistants - Safety & Environment
12 noon:  Using GPS and Weather Stations to Make Pesticide Application Records - Application Technology
2 pm:  Pesticide Storage - Safety & Environment
6 pm:  Soil Ecology and the Food Web - IPM

Week of December 8-10/14
December 8: 
10 am: Spray Drift - Application Technology
12 noon:  Biobeds - Application Technology
2 pm:  Pesticide Resistance - Application Technology
6 pm:  Sprayer Circuits - Application Technology

December 9: 
10 am:  Biomonitoring of pesticides in Canada - Safety & Environment
12 noon:  Environmental Monitoring - Safety & Environment
2 pm:  Biological Weed Control Agents - IPM
6pm:   Sublethal  Effects of 2,4-D on Amphibians  & Wildlife - Safety & Environment

December 10: 
10 am:  Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader? - Safety & Environment
12 noon:  Tailoring Spray Droplet Spectrum to Specific Targets - Application Technology
2 pm:  Hazard Assessment for Handling Pesticides - Safety & Environment
6 pm:  Plant Alleopathy and Chemicals in IPM - IPM

NB.   The web cast schedule for the winter/spring of 2015 will be posted later in the fall of 2014