President's Report - Spring 2014

14.04.17-Trevor.SmithIt is truly an honor and an opportunity to be able to address the membership of the WCTA.  For those of you who don’t know me well, hello and welcome.  Thank you for your investment and continued support of the WCTA.

For those of you that do, please don’t be afraid!!  The future of the Association and its direction is in good hands; the Board of Directors does all the hard work, I just get to go along for the ride!

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President's Report - Summer 2014

14.04.17-Trevor.SmithTime is the one thing we can surely count on in life; it passes quickly and leaves us with the things we have accomplished and the things we have left to finish.  Each of us has a personal relationship with the work that we do, it is different for everyone and each person has his or her belief as to what the end result should look like.

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President's Report - Fall 2014


I hope everyone had a productive and successful summer. As  mentioned in past Presidents messages, I would like to focus on non- technical turf management skills. 

In this edition,  I would like to talk about the role staff play in the success of a good Turf Manager and his/her ability to effectively manage budgets.

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