2021 WOTS-UP! Online Conference & Trade Show - Sponsor FAQ's

With our completely new for 2021, 'WCTA Online Trade Show & Unprecented Presentations or WOTS-UP!' event format, turf management industry suppliers and service providers will have many questions.  If you don't see an answer below, feel free to contact WCTA Executive Director Jerry Rousseau 

Frequently Asked Questions by Sponsors / Exhibitors:


Q: When and where is the next conference and trade show?  See the draft program at the end of this post.
A: The next WCTA Conference & Trade Show takes place virtually via Zoom on February 10-11, 2021.  

Q: Who will be at this show?
A: We expect this new event will draw ~150+ professional turf managers from throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and beyond who work in a variety of sectors including golf courses, municipal sportsfields, schools and parks.

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Q: How does an online / virtual conference & trade show work?
A: The short answer is we're using the Zoom meeting platform.  Everyone attending this event will be visible if they have a webcam and it's turned on.  Delegates will register online and login with their unique credentials using various devices, ie. phone, laptop, tablet, ipad.  Speakers will deliver live presentations on-screen, typically with the use of powerpoints, videos, etc.  Presenting sponsors will do the same.  Break-out rooms are like trade show booths - sponsors will be assigned their own room with their staff pre-assigned, these rooms will open and close as per the show program.  

Q: I'm new to Zoom. What do I need to participate?
A: Zoom is accessible from smart phones, tablet, laptops and pc's.  Zoom browser and mobile apps can be downloaded and you can setup an account but it's not necessary (although it's better).  Some older versions of Windows and the MS Edge browser struggle with certain Zoom functions like polling but most people have little trouble joining Zoom meetings.  All delegates and sponsor staff be directed to register online, after which they will receive unique login credentials.  When the big day comes, simply click on the login credentials and you will be placed in the meeting. 

Q: Can you explain the Featured Product Information Sessions and 10 minute sponsor presentations?
A: These are both essentially live 'informercial' spots within the show program for purchase with no concurrent activities taking place.  The two available Featured Product Info Session spots are each a full 30 minutes and come with title sponsorship of the entire event.  10 minute spots run twice per day, one at-a-time and are followed by 10 minutes of break-out room time.  All sponsor presentations will have full functionality of Zoom at their disposal, ie. powerpoint presentation, video, share screen, etc.

Q: So break-out rooms replace the live trade show?  When will they be open?
A: Exactly.  Breakout rooms replace a live trade show and are open each day from 11:10am - 11:50am and 12:20pm - 1:00pm.  The name of the room will be the company name you provided on the registration form.  For the first 10 minutes of each time slot, there will be no concurrent activities.  Initially, delegates are randomly placed in rooms but are able to switch rooms at their leisure.  Within break-out rooms, both the sponsor staff and attendees will be able too see one another.  You can share your screen, present a powerpoint, use the chat function to text message people in the room and a do a number of other things.  CLICK HERE for a pretty good Youtube video explaining Zoom breakout rooms.

Q.  How many staff can I have registered / participating in this event?
A.  With an online format it's virtually unlimitted (ha, ha, pun intended) but we recommend no more than 5 staff in a breakout room and around 2-3 presenters max for an infomercial.

Q.  Can we see a list of delegates who will be in attendance?
A.  A delegate list will be sent to all registered exhibitors and sponsors approximately 3 days prior to the event and again about 2 weeks after.

For list of facilities represented CLICK HERE (delegate registration opens Jan 15)

Q. How can I participate in the Online Auction?
A. CLICK HERE for the main page.  Click on the donate item button on the right side of the page.  You will be asked for your contact info and item info.  Don't forget to add the retail value, you can also upload a picture of the item or your logo.

We hope to see you at WOTS-UP!  More Q&A will be posted over the coming weeks.