Poa Annua Survey - Turf Manager Insights Needed

This survey is part of Oregon State University's / United States Department of Agriculture project on "Annual Bluegrass Herbicide Resistance and Annual Bluegrass Management".

We are happy to be partnered with the Turf Manager Survey team to collect valuable insights regarding the turf industry and opinions about managing Poa annua.  Below you will find your unique survey link, instructions on how to distribute the survey, and a message to send to the respondents. 

We are looking for as many responses as possible, so please do not limit distribution of your link to turf managers in your geographical area. If you have contacts across the country that would be valuable to this survey, please send the link their way. We appreciate all of your help in this endeavor. Below is the message to include in your email as well as your survey link:

This survey is being conducted to investigate attitudes and actions related to the management of weeds, in U.S. turfgrass operations, including 

golf courses, 
sports and recreation turfgrass (athletic fields, schools, parks), 
sod production, and 
turfgrass seed production.

Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary and responses will be anonymous.  Thank you for your input.  Please click the link below to begin.